what we offer

International Trade and Business Development


Business and trade relationships for SBI Venture Business means the purposeful, result-oriented development of an economic organization – searching for new markets and product offerings in increasing globalization. At the beginning, this always involves evaluating marketing opportunities and sales markets, analyzing customers and competitors, and finally initiating future business.

In order to achieve a sustainable global business development, companies have to find ways to adapt themselves to the cultures and so
cieties in which they want to operate successfully in the future. These two points justify the beginning and success of our work – we  as development professionals help to provide their products and services to consumers and companies in other countries – always under given legal, financial and cultural characteristics between supplier, customer and consumer. We therefore help you to make sure that your economic commitment to new markets is not among the 70% of international projects that have failed to fulfill their strategic expectations and their economic targets. Save your avoidable risks and unnecessary financial expenses through early collaboration with our experts.

In second stage we place you company and your products, in consideration of the results from the first stage, to the optimal partners and authorities and supervisory bodies identified above.
Even if many salespeople still dream of the good, old “hit and run” times, especially in the lucrative future markets announced by the SBI Venture Business, the long-term success has to build cultural bridges for their products. With a solid project and time management and the right contacts, interested investors and clients do not have to wait longer for success.