Worldwide Business from the Central European Headquarter Sofia


SBI Venture Business is a spin-off of Solar & Benefit Corporation. With the success of renewable energies, Solar & Benefit has moved from its first location in Spain to Eastern Europe in the past 15 years – to the current headquarter in Sofia. With this geographic shift, the sectoral challenges and the economic / political environment have also changed more and more:

From a project developent company in the field of renewable energies to sustainable agricultural, water and waste management, to electric mobility, to a location-specific, multisectoral consulting and development company. We took account of these new challenges with the spin-off SBI Venture Business at the Solar & Benefit Headquarters in Sofia. And we have strengthened ourselves with further experts, and also bundled special capacities at the future-oriented economic and investment location Teheran. New central themes and corresponding offers are, in addition to different sectors, research, marketing and financial services. The main focus here is on business connections between the countries of Eastern Europe and the Near East with China. We are planning to open another SBI Venture Business office in Shanghai shortly.
SBI Venture Business now is a powerful business unit based on its partners and their professional network at the locations in Sofia, Tehran and Shanghai, as well as the communications center at the Frankfurt financial center. SBI Venture Business not only connects the different cultures to a solitary action and economy, but also combines the creative rapidity of a start-up with the strong structures of an international organization. SBI Venture Business lives the global transformation process that it supports with their clients.